Terms and Conditions

1. Oralia Life Solution Private Limited company makes an agreement only with the Distributor who wants to work in the company.
2. The company is marketing many Products and valuable Services.
3. One who completed the ‘18’ years can become the Distributor in the company. He must have pan card Number.
4. The Distributor can get income based on direct business volume and tem business volume.
5. The payment will paid by payment gateway, mobile Banking. Internet Banking, D.D or cash to the company to get the services and Consumer goods.
6. The company has the full control to change the business plan and the marketing price at any time.
7. The Distributor can’t act independently without the written permission from the company for adver tisements.
8. The family members of the Distributor (Excepted married children’s) must to be work under the first one ID. The company can take necessary action in such malpractices.
9. If the Nomine or blood relative of the Distributor, appointed after the death ofthe Distributor, absent of work towards marketing of the products and services, 50% of the Income will be divided to the Direct Distributor except Director Bonus Achievers.
10. The Distributor must to be full co-operation for the team work and get team Benifits.
11. Registration for the packages can be done through our website using numbers which are available at our branches or our Headoffice.
12. The management will not be responsible for registering wrong incomplete address and other details.
13. The relationship between the company and the Independent Distributor will not be that of Employer, Employee or master-Servant and non of the labour legislations will apply to ID.
14. The company reserves the right to refuse any application for the privilege of becoming an Independent Distributor without any prior notice.
15. The company has the right to withdraw or terminate the scheme Independent Distributorship of any members at any time without giving any prior notice.
16. Name and PAN number changes will not be allowed after registration of ID.
17. The detailed marketing plan published by the company must properly be understood by the member. The company reserve the right to modify or suspent the marketing plan at any time with or without prior notice to the member.
18. All claims Disputes arising out of this agreement shall be dealt only by the court failling under the juridiction of Kuzhithurai.